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Start Your Home Care Career With Us

Here, we hire applicants based on equal employer opportunity standards so that we get the best caregivers that we need in our team.


Requirement for QP and Other Professionals

QP must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an RN or a Social Worker
  • Be board Certified
  • Have CPR First Aid
  • Clear a criminal background study before providing services
  • Complete required training within six months of hire
  • Must be licensed in your related field
  • Must have completed the required hours required by the state of Minnesota DHS. 

Requirement for DSP/PCA/CFSS

A person who wants to become a PCA worker must:

  • Be age 16 or older (Note: People ages 16-17 must meet additional requirements)
  • Complete the individual PCA standardized training and pass the certification test
  • Must pass a background study
  •  Complete training and orientation
  • Communicate effectively with client
  • Must be able to read, follow the clients care plan
  • Respond appropriately to the person’s needs
  • Maintain daily written records (e.g., time and activity sheets)
  • Be able to follow instructions of the Supervisor 
  • Be monitored by a qualified professional every 60 days.


PCA/CFSS staff would assist the client with the following ADLs:
  • Dressing 

  • Bathing
  • Eating 
  • Transfers 
  • Mobility 
  • Positioning 
  • Toileting 
  • Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs)
  • Accompany to medical appointments
  •  Accompany to participate in the community
  • Assist with paying bills
  • Communicate by telephone and other media
  • Complete household tasks integral to the PCA services, such as:
  • Plan and prepare meals
  • Shop for food, clothing, and other essential items
  •  health and hygiene
  • Grooming
  • May observe and provide redirection to the recipient for episodes of behavior needing redirection as identified in the care plan.

Home Making

Staff would assist client with Homemaker/cleaning services include light housekeeping tasks. Homemaker/cleaning providers deliver home cleaning and laundry services.

Home management delivering home cleaning services and, while onsite, provide assistance with home management activities as needed. 

Home management activities may include assistance with:

• Arranging for transportation

• Laundry

• Meal preparation

• Shopping for food, clothing and household supplies

• Simple household repairs.


Providing direct support for people with disabilities. Includes providing personal care such as toileting, feeding, and transferring.

Develop and implement employment, community, and agency-based activities for clients. For example, assisting with the implementation of skill-building classes and activities in-agency and accompanying clients on community outings and to volunteer sites.

Supporting individuals using positive support strategies in order to help them develop, achieve goals and advocate for themselves

  • Observation and redirection of behaviors
  • Health-related procedures and tasks

Mental-Health and Behavioral Professional

  • Must be willing to follow agency and DHS policy and procedure to carry out required daily functions

(QP) Qualified Professional /(RN) /Licensed Social Worker

  • The QP is responsible for developing the care plan with the recipient/responsible party
  • Training and orientation of PCAs on the individual needs of the recipient
  • Training PCAs for a recipient who is ventilator dependent 
  • Training new procedures or equipment
  • Training based on changes to the care plan

  • Training based on the needs of the recipient and the PCA's ability to meet those needs

  •  Ensure competency of PCA staff to provide required PCA services

  • Ensure PCA staff can identify conditions when they should notify the QP, MD, and responsible party (RP), including conditions when immediate notification is required.

  • Ensure PCA staff are knowledgeable about care plan before services are performed


ILS staff person will address the identified skill development needs of a person in the areas of:

• Communication skills

• Community living and mobility

• Interpersonal skills

• Reduction/elimination of challenging behavior

• Self-care

• Sensory/motor development involved in acquiring functional skills.

Assistance and supervision may occur during the delivery of ILS training services. However, training must be the primary service provided.

Will support the client’s development of decision-making skills and informed choices to increase independents for example:

  •  Teaching client how to cook in the kitchen
  • Learning how to deposit money by going to a bank or ATM
  • Using the bus system to learn how to ride a bus.

Follow these steps when coming for Interview

1. Bring your 2 forms of ID

2. Direct deposit Slip

3. Current CPR/FIRST AID Certificate if you have one

4. Any related Training Certificate or Transcript

5. For QP Current License and Academic Credential

Send completed and signed form to

At Grace n' Care L.L.C in New Brighton, Minnesota, we do not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, nationality. We make our policy to be bound by equal employment opportunity standards when we hire new applicants. please file out the application and send your resume to 

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