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Can We Arrange For Occasional Transportation To Doctors’ Appointments?

Transportation, especially to medical appointments and procedures, is a popular home care service. It can often be arranged in a few hours, but the more notice given is always better. A regular planned schedule can be set up, or the caregiver can be used on an "as needed" basis.

Will My Insurance Cover Home Health Services?

Home health is covered 100% by Medicare, and we accept most forms of insurance. Part of the admission process includes verification of insurance. We can help answer your financial and insurance questions.

Am I eligible for care?

To know if you are eligible for care, we recommend an initial assessment. we provide services to individuals who require services on an intermittent basis, are homebound, under the care of the physician, and prescribed by the doctor to receive home care services for their continuity of care. for more question call us at 612-707-2094

Can I pay out of pocket for service?

Yes, Please call our office line 612-707-2094 to discuss your options

How do I qualify for MA Insurance?

To qualify for income-based Medical Assistance (MA), most people must meet several basic requirements:

Be under 65 years old. ...

Not be eligible for Medicare. ...

Be a U.S. citizen or have an immigration status that is eligible for Medical Assistance (MA), and.

Have income below certain limits.

Can I be my mom's care give

Yes, You can, In fact, according to MN DHS: 

A PCA worker cannot provide services to a person if they have any of the following relationships with that person:

• Paid legal guardian of an adult who receives PCA services

• Legal guardian of a minor child who receives PCA services

• Parent or stepparent of a minor child who receives PCA services

• Responsible party of a person who receives PCA services

• Spouse of a person who receives PCA services.

A person cannot be a PCA worker if they receive PCA services.

If you are on a waiver or you have more question about the eligibility of a PCA/CFSS Please call the office at 612-707-2094

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