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Nosebleeds (9 of 11)

Nosebleeds in majority of cases (more than 90%) tend to be benign and can be easily stopped with simple steps that we will outline a little later. The condition is caused by rupture of blood vessel in the nasal septum. However, in certain cases nosebleed is a much more serious event and can indicate life threatening or serious condition. These are relatively rare and usually occur with elderly. These nosebleeds generally originate in the artery located in the back part of the nose, and are much more complicated to treat.

Steps to follow if dealing with common nosebleed:

  • Have the victim sit in upright position

  • Pinch victim's nose with thumb and index finger, and hold it for about 10 minutes, this generally applies enough pressure to the septum to stop the bleeding

  • To prevent reoccurrence, advise the victim to avoid picking or blowing the nose, until the bleeding stopped for a couple of hours, and also avoid bending.

If bleeding re-occurs, blow the nose with force to clear out the remaining blood clots, and repeat the pinching procedure described above. It is recommended for the victim to contact a physician for consultation.

Contact emergency services immediately:

  • If bleeding persisted uncontrollably for more than 15 minutes

  • If the bleeding is the result of an injury, where there is a potential for broken nose.

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