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General Guidelines (2 of 11)

Scene Safety:

One of the critical skills for performing effective First Aid is to ensure that the scene is safe for the victim as well as everyone else present. All precautions have to be taken prior to administering the actual First Aid. If it's a traffic accident, insure that the cars driving by are aware of the accident, signal for help from drivers, and ask them to monitor/direct traffic while you proceed with first aid. Engage help!!!!

Help from Others:

The chances of performing successful and effective first aid increase if there is more than one person assisting in Emergency. First Aid trained professional should make every effort to locate additional help in the vicinity of the incident. These people could be deployed to call 911 or help secure the scene.

Before beginning First Aid one of the important things about administering effective First Aid is to determine when it is needed.

Below are some general guidelines for:

  1. If the victim is responsive introduce yourself and offer help

  2. If the victim agrees proceed with First Aid administration

  3. If the victim refuses, call 911 and wait for the arrival with the victim

  4. If person is unresponsive, assume that your help is needed and proceed with First Aid/CPR

Following these guideline will help you with effective care for the victim.

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