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OSHA (3 of 11)

Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) Guidelines

This section briefly outlines the recommendations issued by OSHA. The coursework has been designed in adherence with these guidelines. Please review the lists below and familiarize yourself with information.

Gear, which might be needed or is required by your employer to effectively protect yourself from threats related to First Aid administration:

  • Gloves - to protect from blood or other bodily fluids

  • Eye protection - to protect from blood or other bodily fluids

  • Mask protection - when giving mouth to mouth protects from germs and bacteria

In case you came in contact with bodily fluids, blood or skin follow the following instructions as soon as you can:

  • Take the gloves off, if wearing any

  • Wash the area with soap (work up soap lather for 15 seconds) and water, if contact with eyes, nose, or ear rinse with water

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, if not available use waterless hand sanitizer, and wash your hands with water later

  • Dry your hands with paper towel and use paper towel to close the faucet

  • Inform your supervisor/person responsible for emergency response and consult your medical provider as soon as possible

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